If you think of your iPhone like a toolbox and the apps as the tools, you’ll realise why we would always carry these indispensable travel apps in the palm of our hand when jetting off around the globe…


The Skyscanner app is the most flexible and powerful flight search app in the world. Download it and you’ll never need to use another flight search site again. The app has seen more than two million downloads and shows no signs of slowing down. Speaking in an interview with iPhoneBloggers.co.uk the developers at Skyscanner said “while Version 1 was a roaring success but we wanted to make Version 2 even more powerful, giving our customers all the best bits from the website that they already love and use.” For backpackers and those with flexible travel dates, one of the most popular features is the ability to see flight prices across a whole month or year. So if you’re thinking about flying to Australia but are able to go any time in September (or the whole year) you can see flight prices across the whole period you have selected, in the same way as the website works.


TripIt is a brilliant travel-management app that lets you keep itineraries, maps, directions and airline info at your fingertips while also finding information about hotels and restaurants, complete with reviews and photos, and more, wherever you happen to be. This app helps you manage all aspects of your trip leaving you to get on and enjoy yourself.

Wi-Fi Finder

International data charges can be totally crushing so avoid them but downloading this app which will help you locate the free Wi-Fi hotspots where you are. With over 280,000 Wi-Fi access points in 140 countries worldwide, you should be able to hook up to the net somewhere close by!


If you don’t have anyone to show you the sights, don’t worry. Yelp will help! This fantastic app will give you the low down on the best restaurants, cafes, bar, clubs, shops and sights along with honest reviews and photos from those who’ve actually been to them – invaluable when landing in a new city.


Those who travel to eat will love this tantalising foodie obsessed app. Share photos of the exotic meals you’re eating or browse mouth-watering photos of dishes to help you decide where to eat next. Let the tastiest looking photo win!


If you want fantastic photos of your travel exploits but don’t want to carry a camera around, this fab little app will let you recreate the retro photo-look of old film cameras without all the paraphernalia. Enjoy taking old-school images in an instant and sharing them with friends and family. You can even change the settings to get the appearance of different filters, lenses and cameras, making them look even more original.