Some smartphone purists prefer the sleek stock look of their devices, but despite quantum leaps in their functionality and design, the fact is that their durability still leaves much to be desired when faced with the trials of the real world. Smartphone cases can protect your phone from minor damage as well as minimise normal wear and tear, and can even present some unexpected benefits in the long term.

Shock Absorption

For many smartphones, the delicate glass screen is the first casualty, as any shock no matter how seemingly minor exposes the glass to breakage. A quality smartphone case is designed to absorb shock during falls, greatly decreasing the chances of screen damage that can render a smartphone useless. Behind the glass is also an array of delicate components that could be destroyed in a fall, making a smartphone case an even wiser investment.


Some smartphone cases can add aftermarket features to your phone as well. One example of a simple functionality-boosting case is one that doubles as a wallet to keep all your most valuable possessions neatly secured together at all times. Others add a flashlight to phones lacking an LED flash for night vision and low-light photos, and still others serve as a mobile power source for your smartphone by providing a consistent and reliable charge on the go.

The Next Owner

With new phones coming to market faster than ever, the demand for pre-owned devices in good condition has never been higher, and this means outstanding selling prices for high-end secondhand devices. The iphone 5s plans on the iiNet website give all the pertinent information you need to make a decision on which handset is the right fit for you.

Even a year-old premium phone can still be worth hundreds in like-new condition, and so smartphone owners looking to recycle their devices on the secondhand market at some point would be well advised to keep their smartphone in a case at all times, as even minor scuffs and fine scratches can detract tremendously from its value for resale.

Although some may prefer the aesthetics of an unprotected smartphone, the factual advantages of placing a case on your device are difficult to debate. Along with providing advantages in durability, functionality and resale value, smartphone cases are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, materials and finishes, allowing any smartphone owner to suit their personal style while making a responsible choice. Investing in a smartphone case is a good short-term decision that often turns into an even better long term idea.