If you are a Moto  owner then you may noticed blank screen error generally occurs in Moto devices. this issue is already reported to Motorola and they are also working on it. Blank screen error is popular in Moto G especially. Moto devices comes with default Android Kitkat operating system with no modification by Motorola, also known as Stock UI.

This Blank screen error generally appears when we open app drawer in Moto devices to launch any app. Not loading of widgets, apps in app drawer, home screen icons all are because of this error. we don’t have enough information that why this error occurs but we have found how to fix blank screen problems in Moto devices until Motorola doesn’t launch a permanent fix for this issue. There also some other screen issue came to know from Moto Owners but we are talking about only this one.

Why this blank screen problem occurs while accessing smartphone?

I have read out many forums related to Motorola Moto devices and came to know that this problem generally occurs when user do over multitasking in short period, According to some users they are facing this problem when they do multitasking like Facebook,Music,whatsapp and switching app continuously.I don’t know whether they know reason exactly or just doing blind fire.We still trying to find why blank screen problem occurring in these devices, we will update this article as soon as we know more about it till now let’s discuss solution.

Solution for Blank screen problem in Moto E/G/X devices

Uninstall unnecessary apps installed in your smartphone, Try to make it as light as you can.

Frequently kill all applications running in background. Try to use any task manager app to kill them instead of manually.

Clear recent apps before switching your display off.